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A bicycle brand whose main goal is to provide its customers with not just good transportation, but to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle, travel and freedom
Great quality for a budget price
The brand was born more than ten years ago
Brand Mission: The world would be a better place if everyone took a little more time for themselves
Has a variety of lines, including children's
Great quality for a budget price
The brand was born more than ten years ago
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Services rendered on the project

Create a minimalistic and modern online store, which will meet all expectations of the customer
Client Tasks
Intuitive, simple design with the interactivity of elements
High site load speed
Unobtrusive familiarity with the brand
Create a technologically advanced modern online store WITHOUT compromising the image component
SEO optimization
Integration with CRM system

SKALAR proposed the development on a modern technology stack with a unique design, thanks to which it was chosen as the executor


Applied methodology

Project results

Project results

Modern design and high technology gives the site a high competitive advantage in the marketplace compared to other projects

Project development timeline
6 months
Development costs
2500 hours

Meetings spent:

100 hours


Support and development costs

30-50 hours / month

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