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IT project management and development methodologies: key principles and features


Fundamentals of effective IT project management: from methodology selection to implementation

Methodologies we work with:


Cascad: A sequential approach where each stage of development follows the previous one and depends on its completion


Scrum: An Agile framework that uses short iterations (sprints) for development and involves close collaboration between team members.


Kanban: An approach focusing on workflow visualisation and workflow management.


XP (Extreme Programming): An Agile framework emphasising technical excellence and close collaboration between developers.


V-model: A methodology where each stage of development corresponds to a stage of testing.


RAD (Rapid Application Development): An approach that focuses on rapid development and prototyping.


RUP (Rational Unified Process): An iterative development approach that structures the workflow into four phases.


Spiral: A combined approach that combines iterative development with risk and prototyping.


SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework): A framework that allows Agile approaches to be scaled for large organisations.


The development methodology is chosen according to the key values of the customer. This page provides a calculator that, after answering a series of questions, will help you determine the most appropriate methodology for your project.

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Software Development Methodology
Criteria and factors to be considered when selecting a design methodology
Application of modern and classical methodologies in SKALAR GLOBAL: a combined approach for optimal results
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Comparison of development models: advantages, disadvantages and applications
The choice of the best development model depends on specific tasks, product features and customer requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; each project requires an individual approach.
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